Are the games scary and will I be safe ?

Some of the games have a scary theme and story line but you are completely safe and there is nothing in the rooms that will put you in any danger. The rooms are monitored at all times.

Are the rooms easy to solve ?

There are many different types of puzzles and mysteries designed to make you work as a team but at the same time they are exciting and fun. common sense and some basic puzzle solving will get you through the game. You can also request clues if you find yourself stuck at any point .

Is there any car parking ?

There are several car parks very close and a large multi storey car park that exits within 30 yards of our entrance door .

What do i need to wear ?

We suggest you wear casual clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty as you may find yourself kneeling or crawling to find a clue

What is is an escape room ?

You and your friends, family and colleagues will be locked in a room or series of rooms and will need to solve puzzles and mysteries to escape. The rooms are themed and have a story line and you will need to work together to search and solve clues to escape